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MPower is the Financial Planner for Millennials

MPower Financial Coaching gives young Canadians control of their future through strategic planning. Harness the power of your big picture vision to reach it in a personal way. Relax knowing your money is supported by a team of specialists working to deliver full impact financial plans, gap-filling a la carte options, or other custom solutions suited to you.

I have no minimum asset or income requirements because it’s never too soon to start. Chat with me one-on-one to find your authentic attitude toward taxes, insurance, estates and investing in order to apply your fingerprint to your financial future.

Design your future with a no-fuss approach to money.
I’m based out of Calgary, Canada and focused on setting local young adults up for financial success. I also help small to mid-sized businesses, and people nearing retirement.

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Hey, I'm Macy Steadman

Your financial planning coach who specializes in making money easy to understand for young adults. My priority is spotting what you need in order to remain responsive in uncertain times.

I was born with an eidetic memory.

One of my core values is lifelong learning as I plow through facts and figures easily. I earned my formal training in History from the University of Calgary in 2015. I’m into the arts (especially Broadway), event planning, and adventure travel. I love a good competition, but most of all I love challenging myself. For instance, I’ve been part of a live band since middle school. And now I’m learning how to snowboard! My ambitious spirit brings you increased knowledge, energetic service, and reliable qualifications within the financial industry, including my current studies to earn my Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Strategic goal setting is in the genes.

I come from a family of financial planners who have been helping people make informed decisions for decades. My formative years were spent with a calculator in hand while my grandma, Gloria Jones, demonstrated how to give caring service to her clients. Times have changed since she started in the 1980s, but the foundation she laid hasn’t. Gloria taught me that anyone’s wildest dreams are within reach if they pave the road to get there.

Your happiness is my greatest reward.

I found my passion in making finances easy to understand for Canadians. Freeing young adults from uncertainty and setting them up for a full and happy life is my most rewarding endeavor. A short conversation today can mean the difference between thriving and striving.

Let’s Chat!
Money isn’t off-limits. Drop me a line to make sense of it today.