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Financial coaching for young adults sets you on the road to reaching of your goals through learning how to properly manage your money from an early age. Check out MPower Financial Coaching’s Frequently Asked Questions to decide if my service is right for you.

How does MPower Financial Coaching for young adults work?
Financial coaching for young adults sets you on a course toward meeting your life goals through learning to manage your money properly from the start. MPower Financial Coaching provides direction for you to find a balance of what you need and want today while looking forward to personal goals you want to achieve in the future.

What are MPower Financial Coaching’s qualifications and experience?
In Canada, except Quebec, there is no government sanction for individuals with the title of financial planner to obtain credentials. However I make gaining training, certification, and continuous hands-on experience a priority in order to give expert advice on personal tax planning, insurance, investments, retirement planning and estate planning.

I’m a lifelong learner passionate about improving my knowledge to provide the best ways for young adults to invest money. After earning my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) I will add a few more acronyms behind my name including the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS), Certified Cash flow Specialist (CCS) and Master Financial Advisor (MFA). These titles are more than a bunch of letters – they hold me accountable to ensure you get the best money management advice.

Does MPower Financial Coaching make a difference?
Sometimes spontaneity in life is a good thing. Like going out with friends, last-minute flight deals, and choosing what’s for dinner. But leaving your financial planning to spur of the moment decision-making could be a disaster that keeps you up at night worrying about your future.

MPower Financial Coaching gets your closer to your dreams while delivering peace of mind. Managing your own finances should be the last thing on your mind while you’re busy enjoying life. That’s why planning for your future should be anything but impulsive.

What products and services does MPower Financial Coaching offer?
For a complete list of the products and services I offer please visit the Starter and Retirement Services pages.

Where is MPower Financial Coaching located?
MPower Financial Coaching operates a mobile client service program. I am happy to meet you at your home, or your favourite coffee shop since most people prefer not to carry their confidential documents around with them. However if you prefer an office or boardroom setting they’re always available.

How do I become an MPower Financial Coaching client?
Super happy you asked! Shoot me a quick message (Macy at MPowerFinancialCoaching dot com) to set up a coffee date now. Complete the New Client Tax Organizer and send it back to me before your complimentary coaching appointment, so that we can discuss plans together and get a good understanding of your possibilities. (The essential New Client Organizer document is kept completely confidential.) If you decide to move forward as a financial coaching for young adults client the next steps will be outlined during our first meeting.

How do I know MPower Financial Coaching will recommend what’s in my best interest?
My advice is kept completely independent of my products which means that I get paid the same from all of the companies I represent. My product and service recommendations are only pieces of the plan that we decide to pursue together for the best ways for young adults to invest money. This is the standard that I embrace as part of my ethical and fiduciary duties.

Who is involved in MPower Financial Coaching?
Effective Financial Coaching for young adults is typically done by a small group of behind-the-scenes players who develop and implement my recommendations. My cast is made up of qualified professionals such as: an independent investment advisor who provides knowledge and experience in areas that I don’t have; a paralegal who helps create your will, choose a power of attorney, and personal directive; and an accounting firm that handles your small business taxes.

I’ll introduce you to everyone who has a part in your plan and your team will only grow to offer you better service. Plus, I partner with any professional service provider you’re already working with, like your family lawyer, accountant, or investment advisor.

What is the MPower Financial Coaching process?
For a complete rundown from start to finish please visit my Process page.

Is MPower Financial Coaching available for workshops, seminars, and training?
Yes, please! My finance 101 for young adults presentations can be adapted to your audience, from marriage preparation courses and empowering women to general money planning awareness in niche topics. I’m putting together financial literacy workshops for school children and adult communities and would love for you to contact me to book your event.

How much does MPower Financial Coaching cost?
I can be paid in one of two ways: either by commission or through referrals. I get paid from the products and services that I believe are best suited for you as we apply them to your plan. For instance, MPower Financial Coaching gets paid from the insurance provider when you purchase a product through me. The cost to you is embedded in the total price of the insurance product which makes things easier for you.


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